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ESCRYPT has long since stopped teaching only the basics of cryptography in its training courses. Instead, the company channels its years of experience in embedded security, gained during numerous industry projects, to provide practical examples and the latest technological developments.

ESCRYPT is the leading systems supplier for embedded security, with many years of experience. Its training courses impart a solid understanding of security for embedded devices, thereby laying the foundation for the development of secure technologies.

Security risk analysis

Security risk analysis

A solid security risk analysis (SRA) is the basis of a thorough security concept and thus of all security-related steps in the production process. In this training, we teach the necessary IT… mehr erfahren
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Secure product design

Secure product design

Basic IT security training that covers organizational and technical aspects of product development. The training focuses on security tasks in classic and agile development processes, cryptography,… mehr erfahren
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Secure connected products

Secure connected products

Advanced IT security training that focuses on technologies for connected or IoT products. The training covers both basic connectivity topics as well as detailed information to IoT protocols and… mehr erfahren
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Eingebettete Sicherheit für Fahrzeuge

Automotive security

Few things stir the automotive world to such strong emotion as the prospect of selfdriving vehicles. Where some see enormous gains in comfort, convenience, and safety, others are concerned about… mehr erfahren
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